Super Vee

A few enthusiastic Formula Vee competitors wish to revive some of the magic of the early 70’s by racing their Super Vee cars in the UK.  The preservation of Vee history is at the heart of the project to try and attract air cooled versions of the Super Vee formula cars out on a regular basis within the UK.

Do you know of any cars (regardless of condition) or spare parts that are available for sale?  If so, please get in contact with us.

Old photo of Super Vee car in action.

Elden Restoration

The prototype Elden PRH14 Super Vee has been discovered and will be restored by Alan Morgan for racing in the aircooled class within the Historic FF2000 championship. It’s only had one owner from new, and hasn’t been used since 1978.

Prototype Elden PRH14 Super Vee

When found it had still got its period Fireater extinguisher, Smiths chronometric tachometer, Bendix Blue Top pump and skinny Willans belts. Now a full rebuild and restoration will be done with a view to putting it on track soon.

Elden restored by Alan Morgan


If you would like to join in with your Super Vee or know of aircooled super Vee’s waiting to be raced or restored, please get in contact with:

Super Vee Covers

Super Vee Links

The following links may be of help with regards to racing your Super Vee:

Super Vee Racing Photo


Below is a list of currently known cars within the UK. If you know of others irrespective of their condition please get in touch with John Bowles:

Current Owner Location Car Condition
John Bowles Kent Royale RP9 Race Ready
Graham Kiddy Cambridgeshire Royale RP9 Race Ready
John Randle Essex Lola 324 Race Ready
Martyn Donn Worcestershire Supernova Tui BH4 Race Ready
Alan Morgan Surrey Elden PRH14 Restoration Under Way
Simon Cook Supernova BH3
Graham Heath March 1974
Daniel Dutton Royale RP14
John Robinson Hawke
Andy Baker Supernova BH3 Restoration Under Way