Vee Festival


Vee Festival qualifying

A stunning final lap for Adam Macauley snatched him a last-gasp pole to start the 2013 Vee Festival in breathless style. Ben Miloudi looked to have nicked pole but it was only very brief as Macauley crossed the line seconds later to notch a time a massive 0.785 seconds quicker.

Paul Taylor, who spent much of the session on provisional pole after displacing Macauley, starts third alongside fellow early pace-setter Peter Belsey. Kevin Grogan and Jimmy Furlong line up on row three.

  1. Adam Macauley – 53.706
  2. Ben Miloudi – +0.785
  3. Paul Taylor – +0.978
  4. Peter Belsey – +2.115
  5. Kevin Grogan – +2.205
  6. Jimmy Furlong – +2.673

Vee Festival Heat One

Adam Macauley converted his big pole margin into the opening win of the 2013 Vee Festival, but all eyes were on the thrilling three-car-fight for third.

Ben Miloudi was quickest off the line from the front row, but Macauley quickly re-asserted control on proceedings. Farrance, who started down in seventh scythed through into second and began reeling in the leader until he pushed his engine too far and pulled up at the exit of Graham Hill Bend. His retirement left Ben Miloudi to scoop a lonely second.

The fight for third was eventually won by Jimmy Furlong under intense pressure from Peter Belsey and Paul Taylor. Belsey failed to make any of his advancements stick:

“I got a run out of Clearways and managed go around on the brakes into Paddock. Whoever was behind him had him under pressure straight away so I managed to get my head down and get away and made sure I didn’t do anything stupid. I kept that gap but we’ve got a long way to go.”

  1. Adam Macauley – 14 laps
  2. Ben Miloudi – +6.215
  3. Jimmy Furlong – +9.746
  4. Peter Belsey – +10.057
  5. Paul Taylor – +10.223
  6. Kevin Grogan – +31.081

Vee Festival race two

A frantic Vee Festival race heat two was eventually won by Ben Miloudi after long-time leader Peter Belsey fell foul of back-markers under heavy pressure.

The top 10 reverse grid made for a dramatic first lap, with 10th place finisher from race 1 Steve Bailey making his first start from pole. Contact between Peter Gregory and Ben Miloudi led to Gregory being unable to steer his car through Paddock Hill bend. This resulted in Gregory collecting Ivan Turner, and both were sadly out of the race and the safety car being deployed.

Paul Taylor was the man making his presence felt behind the leader, but as the exited Graham Hill Bend two laps from the end the busy traffic came to a head. Ben Miloudi profited best, and Jimmy Furlong and Probert made their way through to take the rest of the podium places.

Belsey dropped to fourth, with the winner from race one Macauley taking fifth in the reverse encounter. Taylor had to settle for sixth.

“I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw the gap open up. Everyone seemed to get bogged down getting through the back-markers. Very lucky, it was  a bit hairy through the gap. Lucky on my part but great fun.”

Ben Miloudi – 12 laps

  1. Jimmy Furlong – +0.284
  2. Tim Probert – +1.050
  3. Peter Belsey – +1.239
  4. Paul Taylor – +2.188
  5. Steve Bailey – +8.926

Vee Festival Final

Peter Belsey was crowned the 2013 Vee Festival champion, joining Sam Olivera on the roll of honour.

Ben Miloudi led away at the start and race one winner Adam Macauley soon retired after early contact wiped out his nose. He continued until he was called into the pit lane, and less than a second covered the top 5 on lap 3.

Belsey though managed to break clear of Miloudi, and took the flag nearly two seconds clear. Tim Probert and Jimmy Furlong had a titanic scrap for third place, with Probert finally prevailing to deny Jimmy another podium.

  1. Peter Belsey – 16 laps
  2. Ben Miloudi – +1.932
  3. Tim Probert – +10.517
  4. Jimmy Furlong – +11.163
  5. Kevin Grogan – +41.701
  6. John Stappleton – +1 lap

Onboard footage