What is Formula Vee?

The way Formula Vee has kept costs down is to use production car parts from the VW Beetle. In fact Formula Vee is a single seater Beetle racing car. It uses the complete front axle beam, complete rear transaxle, 1300cc engine, standard gearbox and brakes – all from the VW Beetle.

The car is not made any more but the spare parts are and the aftermarket is strong with several nationwide suppliers providing new parts and you can always get some bits off the shelf from your local VW dealer. Above all you will find a good exchange of Vee bits among the drivers, some of whom run their own VW garages.

The engine uses air restrictors issued by the club to keep the power similar for all. Costs are minimised on tyres too because only one tyre from Dunlop (produced specifically for Vee) can be used, wet or dry to equalise performance and no wings are allowed, keeping the technical challenge as simple and straightforward as possible.

All these controls, taken together with the tight, well-policed regulations make sure that emphasis is on driver ability. The best driver wins!


Vehicle Type

Single-seaters, of free design and construction. A variety of constructors offer a complete car or a bare chassis and many cars have been converted from Formula Ford ‘Kent’ chassis.

Wings and other aerodynamic aids are prohibited and a minimum weight including driver evens things out.


Formula Vee engines in the UK are based around the 1300cc air-cooled engine used in the VW Beetle. There are strict regulations around the makeup of the engine and it’s components but most of it remains standard.



Fundamentally Formula Vee is a “Single-seater formula of free design and construction”… that said there are limits around this. The utilisation of certain VW Beetle suspension is mandatory.



To run competitively in Formula Vee you do not need to be “run” by a team. There are advantages and disadvantages… The more you do yourself the cheaper the racing is going to be, there are plenty who do it by themselves and they all were novices at it once so don’t be too daunted by the task at hand, there is always help available. If you want a team to run you do your research and ask around and verify what they claim. Do not be lead to believe that you need to be in a team to win…