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Circa 1972/3 this Kaimann has just had an engine “refresh” to include, new bearings, crank and cam, new alloy cam drive gear, new oil pump (uprated) new pushrod tubes, barrels honed and new piston rings and all gaskets and seals where required. The 1700cc engine has standard size bearings and pistons (flat top high compression). So, plenty of scope for any future machining if required.  The motor has an electronic distributor, electric fuel pump and pressure regulator feeding twin 40 DRLA Dellorto carbs. A small high output race alternator and a high torque starter. A bespoke exhaust system from RS Fabrications (Towcester). It will require running in and tuning.

The car is fitted with an isolator switch and an Anderson socket. It starts from the jump battery and runs perfectly well on its own alternator and “red top” battery. I would however recommend a new battery and for this reason the seat has been unbolted to gain access.

The car has been built according to original specifications and MSA Blue book specifications although it is not yet MSA log booked.

In keeping with the original specifications the car is VW based. 1700cc ‘W’ designated casings 4cyl. Air cooled engine. Close ratio VW gearbox.

The frame is an Austrian built Kaimann matching original specification drawings. Front uprights are VW but all suspension arms and rods are new. Fabricated from original parts by RS Fabrications. The rear uprights and arms are also new from the same company. I have the jigs required should you need to make more.

Shocks are fully adjustable Ohlins with remote gas cylinders. Front disc brakes and a rear VW conversion from drums to discs, dash-controlled brake bias. All lines are braided. A hydraulic clutch again with braided lines.

X2 sets of wheels one set ATS 6×13 alloys in very good condition with slicks and a second set in fair condition will require tyres, there are also a number of assorted tyres to come with the spares package.

There is a mechanical plumbed in fire system by OMP still in date, and a six-point STR belt in date to the end of 2023.

Bodywork includes x2 side pods, nose cone, and cockpit top, all original Kaimann. Also included are x3 wings, x2 front and x1 rear but although in period I doubt they are originally from a Kaimann. I also have the original long range fuel tanks, but of course I doubt you will be able to use them today as they are fiberglass. The cars were very popular in the USA in the early 1970’s as support to the IndyCar Series.

I would recommend a full “spanner check”, engine running in and tuning and a track alignment before use.

The car is sat on a tall wheeled stand which is also part of the package. There are also available and included, a number of used engine components including engine casings, barrels, heads, cranks, pistons etc. Two VW gearboxes and a good number of various VW spare parts that I can dig out of storage and include.

The Reason for the sale is that I now have a different competition car and the Kaimann will not get used. It could just sit in a garage or even in a display (it is 50 years old) but I would like to see it go to someone who would use it. I will be sad to see it go as it has been in my possession for around 15 years.

The car will need to be picked up as I will not be able to deliver.

Please note this is a race car. I can offer no warranties or guarantees.