Meet the Vee Centre UK Team

Vaughn Jones | Chairman

Vaughn took up motorsport in 2016, taking part in the Formula Vee festival. He currently drives a Storm.

As chairman Vaughn manages the event trophy presentations, organising the social events and end of season awards presentation. As the ‘face of the Vee Centre’ Vaughn can be found around the paddock to provide any advice and support to the drivers.

Martin Snarey | Social Administrator

Martin has competed in Formula Vee since 2013 and has been involved in motorsport for many years. After a brief break from racing, Martin will be back in his Sheane for 2023.

As Social Administrator, Martin organises social events and is ever present in the Vee paddock for racing advice.

Caroline Jones | Scoring & Website Administrator

Caroline is chief pit crew to Vaughn, although that comprises more tea making than pure mechanical support!

Caroline will be responsible for updating the Vee Centre UK website, particularly the scoring updates for the Vee Centre awards. Caroline will also support in organising the social events and providing the occasional cake.

Francis Twyman | IT Support

Francis started racing in 2015 and has driven his Storm ever since.

Francis will provide support for anything IT related and assist Vaughn and Martin with the social events. Francis is a dab hand on the BBQ!!

Sam Engineer | 750MC Driver and Technical Representative

Sam joined Formula Vee in 2008 and currently drives a Storm. Sam’s technical knowledge and understanding of the formula means he is one of the few drivers who builds their own engines.

As the ‘Drivers Rep’, Sam is the official liaison between the Formula Vee drivers and the 750 Motor Club. This role comprises discussion of and passing on technical and regulatory information between the drivers and 750MC.

Sam will be supported by Vaughn and the Vee Centre Team.